As a Systems Administrator, I've had exposure to many diverse environments. That includes server-side technologies such as Novell, Windows, Unix, and Linux (RedHat and Debian). Endpoint exposure encompasses your usual mobile suite of operating systems, to Windows client OS, MacOS, and various Linux distributions. I have a sound understanding of the server side technologies including MTA's, Application and DB Servers, Remote Desktop Servers, and everything you would normally find on most networks.

Inside of these environments, I've supported a very wide variety of users and the applications they use. I've supported stakeholders from Fortune 500 company and regional directors, through to Graphical and Productivity based users such as Revit/AutoCAD and Structural Engineers, to office based users. I have a very dynamic approach that makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what background or level of technical expertise.

As a Network Security Engineer and Architect specialising in Palo Alto Networks technology, I have in-depth experience with Installations, Migrations, and Security hardening from Endpoint to Server, along with networking and border security. I'm fluent with Panorama and have designed templating structures for scalability spanning multiple countries. I can engineer solutions for Device Group ACL configurations that can enforce company policies with strict data export controls.